The 13th edition of the Workshop on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing will be held in London, UK (City, University of London) on June 24-25, 2022. The idea of the workshop is to bring together people doing frontier research on advertising, drawing from empirical IO, quantitative marketing, and economic theory.



Location: City, University of London (Economics Department)

Address: Rhind Building, Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB.

presentation + discussion = 40 minutes

(suggested: presentation 25-30mins; discussion 10-15 minutes)

Friday, June 24th 


9:00 – Registration Opens


9:15 - Welcoming Address

Levent Celik (City, University of London)

9:30-10:50  Session I

Martin Peitz (Mannheim)

“Inflated Recommendations”, with Anton Sobolev (Mannheim)  

Discussant: Mikhail Drugov (New Economic School)


Dina Mayzlin (USC)

“Do Curation Algorithms Amplify the Effect of Trolls on Users?”, with Amy Pei (USC)

Discussant: Pedro Gardete (Nova)



10:50-11:10  Tea



11:10-12:30  Session II 

Tommaso Valletti (Imperial)

News Content and Advertising Effectiveness: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Experiment”, with Andrey Simonov (Columbia) and Andre Veiga (Imperial)  

Discussant:  Sarah Moshary (Chicago)

Brad Shapiro (Chicago)

“The value of third-party data for targeting: evidence from over 800,000 ad experiments at Facebook.”, with Robert Moakler (Facebook), Anna Tuchman (Kellogg), and Nils Wernerfelt (Facebook).  

Discussant: Stephan Seiler (Imperial)



12:30-2:00  Lunch

2:00-3:30  Roundtable Discussion

"Digital Advertising and Online News Media"

Invited speakers from UK regulators (Ofcom and CMA) 

Moderator: Martin Peitz (Mannheim)

3:30-3:50 Tea

3:50-5:30 Session III


Marit Hinnosaar (Nottingham)

Influencer Cartels”, with Toomas Hinnosaar (Nottingham)

Discussant: Dina Mayzlin (USC)

Anja Lambrecht  (LBS)

Apparent Algorithmic Discrimination and Real-Time Algorithmic Learning in Digital Search Advertising”, with Catherine Tucker (MIT)

Discussant: Tommaso Valletti (Imperial)



19:30 Dinner

Saturday, June 25th 



9:30-10:50  Session IV


Xu Zhang (LBS)

"TV Advertising and Online Sales: The Role of Inter-Temporal Substitution" with Anja Lambrecht (LBS) and Catherine Tucker (MIT)

Discussant:  Marit Hinnosaar (Nottingham)

Pedro Gardete (Nova)

Guiding Consumers through Lemons and Peaches: An Analysis of the Effects of Search Design Activities”, with Megan Hunter (Boston College)

Discussant:  Brad Shapiro (Chicago)



10:50-11:10  Tea



11:10-12:30  Session V 


Simon Anderson (UVA)

“The Collapse of Dialogue? Evidence from the US Advertising Political Campaigns, 2010-2016 ”, with Federico Ciliberto (UVA) and Ben Leyden (Cornell)  

Discussant: Maria Ana Vitorino (INSEAD)


Mikhail Drugov (New Economic School)

Score Disclosure”, with Levent Celik (City, University of London)

Discussant: Mushegh Harutyunyan (Imperial)


12:30-2:00  Lunch

2:00-3:20  Session VI


Sarah Moshary (Chicago)

Sponsored Search in Equilibrium: Evidence from Two Experiments

Discussant: David Reiley (Pandora, UC Berkeley)


Maria Ana Vitorino (INSEAD)

Decomposing the Effect of Advertising: What Happens in the Retail Channel?", with Michaela Draganska (Drexel) 

Discussant: Xinrong Zhu (Imperial)

3:20-3:40 Tea

3:40-5:20 Session VII


Gorkem Bostanci (UBC)

Negative Advertising and Competitive Product Positioning”, with Pinar Yildirim (Wharton)

Discussant: Joana Resende (Porto)

Joana Resende (Porto)

“Customers' endogenous identity management”

Discussant: Arina Nikandrova (City, University of London)


19:30 Casual Dinner