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The 13th edition of the Workshop on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing will be held in London, UK (City, University of London) on June 24-25, 2022. The idea of the workshop is to bring together people doing frontier research on advertising, drawing from empirical IO, quantitative marketing, and economic theory.

Organizers: Simon Anderson (UVA), Levent Celik (City, University of London), Jura Liaukonyte (Cornell), Martin Peitz (Mannheim). Financial support from City, University of London is gratefully acknowledged.

Note on Rail strike:  13 train operators and Network Rail will be taking strike action on the 21st, 23rd, and 25th of June. This will severely impact all transportation services in England. Please make sure to plan in advance your travel arrangements. London tube will be participating in the strike on 21st June only. If you are arriving at Heathrow, there is a direct tube line (Piccadilly) to the city centre, so this is expected to operate normally on the 23rd and 25th. Heathrow Express train services will be affected by the strike. If you are arriving at the other airports, the safest option is to take a taxi. 



Location: City, University of London (Economics Department)

(Workshop location on both days is Rhind (D) Building)

presentation + discussion + Q&A = 40 minutes

(suggested: presentation 30mins; discussion 10 minutes)

Friday, June 24th 

Address: Rhind (D) Building, rooms D111-D112 (MAP)


9:00 – Registration Opens


9:15 - Welcoming Address

Levent Celik (Chair of the Economics Department, City, University of London)

9:30-10:50  Session I

Martin Peitz (Mannheim)

Inflated Recommendations”, with Anton Sobolev (Mannheim)  

Discussant: Mikhail Drugov (New Economic School)

Anja Lambrecht  (LBS)

Apparent Algorithmic Discrimination and Real-Time Algorithmic Learning in Digital Search Advertising”, with Catherine Tucker (MIT)

Discussant: Tommaso Valletti (Imperial)



10:50-11:10  Tea



11:10-12:30  Session II 

Tommaso Valletti (Imperial)

News Content and Advertising Effectiveness: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Experiment,” with Andrey Simonov (Columbia) and Andre Veiga (Imperial)  

Discussant:  Sarah Moshary (Chicago)

Brad Shapiro (Chicago)

“Estimating the Value of Offsite Data to Advertisers on Meta," with Robert Moakler (Facebook), Anna Tuchman (Kellogg), and Nils Wernerfelt (Facebook).  

Discussant: Stephan Seiler (Imperial)



12:30-2:00  Lunch

2:00-3:30  Roundtable Discussion

"Digital Advertising and Online News Media"

Moderator: Martin Peitz (Mannheim)

Panelists: Anja Lambrecht (LBS), David Reiley (UC Berkeley/Pandora), Chris Jenkins (CMA), Tom Farrell (Ofcom)

3:30-3:50 Tea

3:50-5:30 Session III


Marit Hinnosaar (Nottingham)

Influencer Cartels”, with Toomas Hinnosaar (Nottingham)

Discussant: Dina Mayzlin (USC)

Dina Mayzlin (USC)

“Do Curation Algorithms Amplify the Effect of Trolls on Users?” with Amy Pei (USC)

Discussant: Christopher Wilson (Loughborough)



19:00 Dinner (by invitation only)

Barrafina (Covent Garden location)

10 Adelaide Street,

London, WC2N 4HZ

Saturday, June 25th 

Address: Rhind (D) Building, rooms D111-D112 (MAP)



9:30-10:50  Session IV


Xu Zhang (LBS)

"TV Advertising and Online Sales: The Role of Inter-Temporal Substitution," with Anja Lambrecht (LBS) and Catherine Tucker (MIT)

Discussant:  Marit Hinnosaar (Nottingham)

Gorkem Bostanci (UBC)

Negative Advertising and Competitive Product Positioning,” with Pinar Yildirim (Wharton) and Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia)

Discussant: Arina Nikandrova (City, University of London)



10:50-11:10  Tea



11:10-12:30  Session V 

Simon Anderson (UVA)

“The Collapse of Dialogue? Evidence from the US Advertising Political Campaigns, 2010-2016,” with Federico Ciliberto (UVA) and Ben Leyden (Cornell)  

Discussant: Maria Ana Vitorino (INSEAD)

Mikhail Drugov (New Economic School)

Score Disclosure,” with Levent Celik (City, University of London)

Discussant: Mushegh Harutyunyan (Imperial)


12:30-2:30  Lunch


59, 61 Exmouth Market, Farringdon,

London, EC1R 4QL

2:30-4:30  Session VI


Sarah Moshary (Chicago)

Sponsored Search in Equilibrium: Evidence from Two Experiments

Discussant: David Reiley (Pandora, UC Berkeley)


Maria Ana Vitorino (INSEAD)

Decomposing the Effect of Advertising: What Happens in the Retail Channel?" with Michaela Draganska (Drexel) 

Discussant: Xinrong Zhu (Imperial)

Megan Hunter (Boston College) 

Guiding Consumers through Lemons and Peaches: An Analysis of the Effects of Search Design Activities,” with Pedro Gardette (Nova)

Discussant:  Brad Shapiro (Chicago)


4:45-7:00 Happy Hour 


34 Sekforde St,

London, EC1R 0HA


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